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  • Dale Harding: Through a lens of visitation
    Monash University Museum of Art
    by Hilary Thurlow
    Yhonnie Scarce: Missile Park
    Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
    by Tara McDowell
    John Brooks and Audrey Tan, Swamp Breathing
    by Amelia Winata
    by Audrey Schmidt
    Ruth Maddison, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
    Centre for Contemporary Photography
    by Chelsea Hopper
    JR and Alice Rohrwacher, Omelia Contadina and Homily to Country (2020) at NGV Triennial
    NGV International
    by Giles Fielke
    Shaun Gladwell: Homo Suburbiensis
    Anna Schwartz Gallery
    by Tara Heffernan
    Kieren Seymour, Autism, Bitcoin and the Four Seasons
    Neon Parc
    by Adelle Mills
    Nicolas Ceccaldi, Camouflage Chameleon
    by Francis Plagne
    Claire Lambe, Dart Object and Jemi Gale, drowning curse
    TCB art Inc.
    by Audrey Schmidt

    The End.