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Claire Lambe, Desktop research on the Charles James Eiderdown Jacket. Claire Lambe, 2021.

Claire Lambe, Dart Object and Jemi Gale, drowning curse
  • Audrey Schmidt

6 Mar 2021
TCB art Inc. 26 Feb - 14 Mar 2021

Jemi Gale’s drowning curse occupies one half of the TCB gallery space and includes collaborative paintings with Aida Azin, Alexandra Nemarič, Brayden Van Meurs, Krishan Meepe, Levi Neeson, Luci Avard, Matthew Harris, Panda Wong, Ruby Fitzgerald, Sol Fernandez and the elusive “(Artist name withheld)”. Flanked by the paintings, at the centre of this space sits a large wooden box lined with clear plastic and filled with approximately eighty litres of Mountain Dew. At the time of my visit, untitled (drowning curse pool) by Gale with fabrication by Alexandra Nemarič was soaking the corners of its container and spilling through the cracks onto the gallery floor. Still bubbling, with the odd pop at the surface, the fizz is destined to go flat and leak sticky artificial yellow liquid like nuclear waste, attracting insects and escaping its trough-like confines. There was only one vantage point from which to successfully step over the spillage and view the paintings on the far wall at obligatory close proximity.

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