Audrey Schmidt
Alethea Everard, Art show

Alethea Everard, Art show

16 Chetwynd Street, West Melbourne
15 February – 14 March 2020

Open Sundays 1 – 6pm or by appointment.

By Audrey Schmidt

After the unfortunate closure of Meow early last year, not long after Paris Lettau's survey of the state of the not-so-"new museological consciousness" of the housemuseum, Meow2 opened last Saturday 15 February with a solo exhibition by Alethea Everard titled simply Art show. Unlike the lived-in Meow, we might see Meow2 as a galle...

Chelsea Hopper
Elizabeth Gower, LOCATIONS

Elizabeth Gower, LOCATIONS

Sutton Gallery & Sutton Projects
1 – 29 February 2020

By Chelsea Hopper

Elizabeth Gower has always had a knack for sourcing material. As a young artist, she once nicked an entire ream of butcher's paper from a fish and chip shop. What began as a failed endeavour as the paper buckled when Gower painted onto it, led her to tear it up, weave the strips of paper and reassemble it as the paper quickly became the work itself instead of the canvas for another work. Gow...

Paris Lettau
KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness

Earlier this week, a group of masked graffiti artists seemed to appropriate the work of Ash Keating—who was commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria to spray the side of the NGV building in 2013—and descended on the CBD to spray the walls of Melbourne's iconic Hosier Lane using paint filled fire extinguishers. Their work was a performative protest piece that intended to critique the commercialisation of street culture and graffiti art, and in particular to target the signs and symbols...

Victoria Perin
Assembled: The Art of Robert Klippel

Assembled: The Art of Robert Klippel

TarraWarra Museum of Art
23 November 2019 - 16 February 2020

By Victoria Perin

Robert Klippel isn't my genius. Despite knowing that his insights don't move me, I enjoy being in his world, in which the logic of the hand is trusted tenfold more than the logic of the head.

Klippel was not a thinking artist. He consistently (including in the video accompanying Assembled: The Art of Robert Klippel) spoke about how much he did not understand and did not...

Luke Smythe
Colin McCahon: Letters and Numbers

Colin McCahon: Letters and Numbers

National Gallery of Victoria
14 November 2019 – April 2020

By Luke Smythe

McCahon's centenary began in August, and to mark the occasion curator Jane Devery has mounted Letters and Numbers, a one-room exhibition featuring all six works from the NGV collection and five loans that are promised to the gallery. The show is weighted heavily toward the later years of McCahon's career, which ran from the late 1930s until the early 1980s. The only work to pr...

David Wlazlo
110%: Wet Nurse

Wet Nurse: 110%

c3 Contemporary Art Space, Performance Residency, Abbotsford Convent

6 December — 7 December 2019

By David Wlazlo

Often we think about and experience art through the structures of cause and effect. Art, it seems, easily slips into being understood as an effect of some prior cause: the artist is perhaps the most basic causal beginning, and also—digging deeper—the artist's intention, mental health, personal interests, social and economic biography, and even their presumed '...

Helen O'Toole
Luke Sands

Luke Sands

16 November – 8 December 2019

By Helen O'Toole

Luke Sands has long been interested in the mouth as a technical support for the production of art. His Mouthal sculptures (2014–15), for instance, were made from chewing a range of materials (like books, receipts, metal keyring parts, electrical wire and toy clothing), using saliva and the pressure of his tongue and teeth to bond them together into small, compact forms. Sands' singular 1.84 x 3.13-metre-long Untitled " c...