Luke Smythe
Colin McCahon: Letters and Numbers

Colin McCahon: Letters and Numbers

National Gallery of Victoria
14 November 2019 – April 2020

By Luke Smythe

McCahon's centenary began in August, and to mark the occasion curator Jane Devery has mounted Letters and Numbers, a one-room exhibition featuring all six works from the NGV collection and five loans that are promised to the gallery. The show is weighted heavily toward the later years of McCahon's career, which ran from the late 1930s until the early 1980s. The only work to pr...

David Wlazlo
110%: Wet Nurse

Wet Nurse: 110%

c3 Contemporary Art Space, Performance Residency, Abbotsford Convent

6 December — 7 December 2019

By David Wlazlo

Often we think about and experience art through the structures of cause and effect. Art, it seems, easily slips into being understood as an effect of some prior cause: the artist is perhaps the most basic causal beginning, and also—digging deeper—the artist's intention, mental health, personal interests, social and economic biography, and even their presumed '...

Helen O'Toole
Luke Sands

Luke Sands

16 November – 8 December 2019

By Helen O'Toole

Luke Sands has long been interested in the mouth as a technical support for the production of art. His Mouthal sculptures (2014–15), for instance, were made from chewing a range of materials (like books, receipts, metal keyring parts, electrical wire and toy clothing), using saliva and the pressure of his tongue and teeth to bond them together into small, compact forms. Sands' singular 1.84 x 3.13-metre-long Untitled " c...

David Homewood
Enter the Void

Special Issue

This week Memo Review looks back in time, publishing a special long-form ex post facto review of the 2018 NGV Robert Hunter retrospective.

Robert Hunter

NGV Australia: Ian Potter Centre
27 April – 26 August 2018

By David Homewood

His hair is brushed forward in a modish style that matches with his woollen turtleneck jumper. He stares into the camera lens with an expression that is difficult to describe—neutral, serious, handsome, vacant, boyish, bewildered; it is not qu...

Giles Fielke
Views to Remember and Clock Face

Kate Wallace: Views to Remember and Travis MacDonald: Clock Face

c3 contemporary art space 30 October – 24 November

By Giles Fielke

Not without irony did the late Annette Michelson, writing for the New York Herald Tribune in 1957, note for her American readers that the art of the modernist avant-gardes had become traditional. This she had concluded from her viewing of a set of Robert Delaunay's rhythmic abstract paintings, shown retrospectively in a post-war and post-occupation Paris. R...

Audrey Schmidt
In Costume

In Costume

Mejia, 33 Tinning Street Brunswick East
1 November 2019

By Audrey Schmidt

Held at the newly opened Mejia gallery on Tinning Street, Brunswick (located near Neon Parc), on November 1st, the In Costume label launch included garments by Melbourne-based Canadian designer Brendan Morris produced with artist, Spencer Lai. The business card-like invitation reflects the label itself. It features a red rubber stamp-like graphic of planet earth with a trucker's cap perched on top and w...

Marnie Edmiston
Collection leads: John Scurry—small paintings

Collection leads: John Scurry—small paintings

Geelong Gallery
14 September – 24 November 2019

By Marnie Edmiston

It's declared in the title—these are small paintings. Unframed, diminutive and brief sketches attached to mounting boards, they're physically bookended by two larger and more 'substantial' paintings. These works are ephemeral—painted in oil directly on cardboard, these images will deteriorate. We're told by the exhibition text that they were never intended for public viewing. Y...