Since 2017, Memo Review has been Melbourne’s only platform for weekly art criticism, each Saturday morning. In 2022, we expanded our reach north, publishing fortnightly reviews of exhibitions in Sydney and regional NSW. We publish reviews of a broad variety of art exhibitions at public art museums, commercial galleries and smaller artist-run spaces, offering critical perspectives from a new generation of Australian art scholars, writers and artists.

Memo Sydney is generously supported by the Power Institute.

We would like to thank the generous support of all those who donated to our 2022 ACF campaign. We give special mention to our “Commissioners”, who made a donation of $400 or more—enough to fund the commissioning of an entire review.

Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy
Shelley McSpedden
Stephen McLaughlan
Alison Inglis
Kate Dinon
Peter Willis
Raafat Ishak
Ryan Johnston
Anonymous x 2

Irene Sutton
Charlotte Day
Agatha Goat-Snake
Anthony White
Callum Morton
Rebecca Coates
Freddie Never
Alison Symonds
Andrew Curtis
Angela Brennan
Anna Zagala
Anne O’Hehir
Barbara Campbell
Claire Lambe
Coral Guan
Daniel Palmer and Kate Rhodes
Darren Sylvester
David Sequeira
Elizabeth Nowell
Jacqui Shelton
Jenepher Duncan
Jeremy Eaton
Kelly Fliedner
Kim Brockett
Lauren Zoric
Louisa Bufardeci
Max Delany
Sharne Wolff
Suzanne Archer
Yugong Shao
Matt Giles
Anna Marrone
Audrey Schmidt
Belanco Loloa
Brigit Ryan
David Suyasa
Francis Russell
Georgia Milford
Hannah Mathews
Helen Frajman
Hester Lyon
Jack Davis
Joanna Anderson
Jon Tjhia
Katrina Grant
Melissa Ratliff
Merryn Lloyd
Robyn Adler
Seb Henry-Bones
Sebastian Kainey
Shaad D’Souza
Stuart Bailey
Tess Maunder
Tim Woodward
Yi Fu
Francois Tetaz
Marlaina Read
Lana Nguyen
Alice Desmond
Angus Burns
Annija Koops
Brigid Moriarty
David Attwood
Emma Fey
Jane O’Sullivan
Josh V. E.
Katie Paine
Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer
Noah Zawertailo
Olga Svyatova
Selena Repanis
Tiffany Tsao
Yuna Lee
Alex Colley Hart
Anonymous x 33

Memo Review would like acknowledge our generous Patreon supporters.

Anonymous x 2
Anne Mestitz
Cherie Schweizer
Graeme Auchterlonie
Jenepher Duncan
Jessica Honey
Lachlan Shields
Merilyn Fairskye
Natalie King
Nicholas Modrzewski
Ruth Bain

Adam Stone
Elizabeth Newman
Harrison Simic
Helen Hughes
June Miskell
Meridian Sculpture
Philip Morrissey
Shaune Lakin
Verónica Tello
Wendy Busch

Anonymous x 4
Charles Nodrum Gallery
Jacqui Shelton
Leo Seward
Maggie Kontev
Shae Nagorcka

Melbourne Editors
Amelia Winata
Cameron Hurst
Chelsea Hopper
David Wlazlo
Paris Lettau
Rex Butler
Tristen Harwood

Sydney Editors
June Miskell
Naomi Riddle
Nicholas Croggon
Verónica Tello

Amelia Winata (President)
David Wlazlo (Vice-President)
Paris Lettau (Secretary)
Cameron Hurst (Treasurer)
Anna Parlane
Chelsea Hopper
Helen Hughes
Rex Butler
Tristen Harwood
Victoria Perin

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The Melbourne editors acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the unceded land and waters on which we work, the people of the Kulin Nations. The Sydney editors acknowledge that the Traditional Custodians of the place now known as Sydney are the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, and our work takes place across many unceded Indigenous lands across NSW. Memo Review in both locations offers its respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander First Nations Elders, past, present and future. We offer our respects to Elders and Ancestors of the Kulin Nations, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander First Nations Elders, past and present.

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