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Janenne Eaton, Talisman for rain, 2010. Oil on canvas, 51 x 40.5 cm. Photo: Mark Ashkanasy.

Janenne Eaton, Evidence - a stratigraphy

10 Dec 2022
Haydens 2 Dec - 17 Dec 2022

An art critic is overcome with equal parts smugness and shame in the event of discovering an artist who had been under their nose the whole time. I had one such encounter last Saturday, when, as a Brunswick flâneur, I wandered up Moreland Road’s narrow, overgrown footpath to Haydens, where I came face to face with Janenne Eaton’s paintings for the first time. At face value, this may sound normal enough, except that Eaton is in her seventies and has had a decades long career showing in some of the best-known Australian galleries and institutions.

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