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Installation view of Elizabeth Newman, Neon Parc, 2021. Photo: Madé Spencer-Castle.

Elizabeth Newman
  • Cameron Hurst
  • Babs Rapeport

11 Sep 2021
23 Jul - 28 Aug 2021

Tzzzzzz. Ooooooo. Pshhhh. That’s the sound of a cryogenic freezer opening for the first time in just under a decade. The year is 2001. The day is September 11. A rupture. The location: Fitzroy North. Elsewhere, deep within polite Brisbane society, the final curtain is called for a hiatus-confounding doppelganger who has masqueraded as the darling of Australian minimalism-constructionism-Imi Knoeblism-proto-Neon Parcism-frame-within-a-frameism, Elizabeth Newman. Far from the cosmopolitan Melbourne art historians, this imposter produced a series of art objects and events in Newman’s name during her well documented break from practice. Fzzzzzzz. The Real Elizabeth Newman re-enters the art world. Precisely twenty-years later, freshly deposited by the Freo Doctor, two wide-eyed art-adjacents sat down at their respective desks to discuss Newman’s new show at Neon Parc. Did Bush do Elizabeth Newman too?

Hey Cam,

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