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Installation view of Yusi Zang and Andre Franco, *Altered Routine*, and Jacquie Owers-Gayst, *{ ~~~~~~~~~ }*, 2019, Blindside, Melbourne.

Yusi Zang and Andre Franco: Altered Routine & Jacquie Owers-Gayst: {~~~~~~~~~}
  • Kate Loncar

17 Aug 2019
BLINDSIDE 6 Aug - 23 Aug 2019

Ascending the seven flights of stairs to Blindside gallery in the historic Nicholas building primes gallery viewers for a shock when they finally step into Andre Franco and Yusi Zang's stark white minimalist installation. Upon entering the space, gallery-goers are met with the chemical smell of freshly painted pristine white walls. In fact, the scene is so off putting I walked right through the room into the adjacent gallery, thinking there was nothing to see. Yet on further examination, it becomes apparent that the space is not as it usually seems. Franco and Zang have constructed two additional walls in the left corner of the usually rectangular gallery space. The glass windows are painted over, two of which serve as frames to the painted mirrors of the adjacent windows.

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