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Morganna Magee, Kitchen Window, 2021. Part of the series Extraordinary Experiences(2020-ongoing). Inkjet prints.

Walking Through the Darkness

5 Aug 2023
Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) 21 Jul - 10 Sep 2023

Walking Through the Darkness at Centre for Contemporary Photography is a large exhibition with fifteen artists that looks at the role of darkness in the photographic medium. Referred to as the gallery’s “winter exhibition” and without visible curatorial credits, one first assumes that it was curated in-house. Although one may discover later that the press release includes a quote by Catlin Langford, who is referred to as the curator, yet not clearly identified as such for this exhibition (life’s a mystery). Under the premise of the camera as a witness, it brings together local and international artists working with suburbia, war, interpersonal trauma, and the non-human to encompass everything that is dark.

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