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*JIVA Maharana Ari Singh II and Rapaji riding elephants 1767*, opaque watercolour and gold paint on paper, 48.2 x 39.2 cm (image) 53.5 x 42.3 cm (sheet).

Visions of Paradise: Indian Court Paintings
  • Francis Plagne

2 Mar 2019
7 Dec 2018 - 29 Apr 2019

Visions of Paradise is an unexpected delight. Bringing together nearly 200 works on paper from the NGV's 1980 Felton Bequest acquisitions of Indian painting, the exhibition offers up a feast of fine details, lavish lifestyles and sizzling colours. Even for the historically uninformed viewer like me, the offerings are an irresistible invitation to rekindle the joys of looking; they bountifully reward extended periods of fascinated goggling. at

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