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Virginia Cuppaidge, * Vrinda*, 1982, Acrylic on canvas 114 x 182 cm.

Virginia Cuppaidge, The Skyspace Paintings 1977 - 1982
  • Jane Eckett

4 Apr 2020
26 Feb - 15 Mar 2020

Paintings, like people, change over time, so it is always a fascinating exercise to unfurl canvases kept safely in storage for more than four decades and show them in a fresh light and in a different country to that in which they were conceived. Virginia Cuppaidge’s Skyspace series, from the late 1970s and early 1980s, embodies the opalescent Manhattan sky but is infused with memories of the bleached colours of the Australian landscape. Now, against the cool white of a Collingwood gallery’s walls, they acquire a retrospective aura that permits a new view, across time and place, allowing us to reflect on this short but pivotal phase of Cuppaidge’s work.

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