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Juan Davila, Ohhhhhh!, 2014, oil on canvas, 200 × 250 cm. © Juan Davila, Courtesy Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art Photo credit: Mark Ashkanasy

  • Victoria Perin

8 Aug 2021
Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art, FUTURES

If local art was more loyal, or if we cared more about elders here, you could easily see how the great Juan Davila might be esteemed as a father figure by young artists in Melbourne today. His joy, his intelligence, his pervy fecundity and his peculiar brand of beauty has children at many Spring1883 booths. The patriarch of Neon Parc, you might say; if the artists in FUTURES or Discordia need a daddy, they could do worse than this powerfully strange painter in the online booth of Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art.

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