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Helen Grace and Narelle Jubelin [sound by Sherre DeLys], The Housing Question 2019 UHD video still. Courtesy of the artists © Helen Grace and Narelle Jubelin

The Housing Question

28 Oct 2023
Geelong Gallery 26 Aug - 29 Oct 2023

In architecture, people love modernism. They just can’t get enough. Clean lines, large windows open to lush gardens, simple wooden furniture. People also hate modernism. They detest its pretensions of purity, cleanliness, and prescriptive universalism. I’m sure I could find many of you nodding in relief. So, who loves modernism, and who hates it? What class, type, mode, genre of people? What rights do these people have? What category of people are we talking about and what claims can I or anyone else make about this imaginary group of people?

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