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Alicia Frankovich, The Eye, 2022, Brunswick Baths. Courtesy of the artist, Starkwhite Auckland and 1301SW Melbourne. Photo: Tom Ross

Take Hold of the Clouds

13 Aug 2022
Open House Melbourne 30 Jul - 31 Jul 2022

Taking hold of clouds can seem like a futile exercise. Clusters of Covid-19 droplets unwittingly expelled from human orifices have been a notably difficult object of capture in the past few years. Even more elusive—and catastrophic—are greenhouse gases. Still, we can grasp in the general direction. A cloud can also function as a metaphor for entities of less threatening composition: good vibes, for example, or the nebulous concept of community. All of the aforementioned cumuli and more were present at Take Hold of the Clouds, an exhibition which took place a couple of weekends ago as part of Open House Melbourne.

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