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Steaphan Paton, *Nullius in Verba II-XIII*, 2019. Courtesy the artist and STATION.

Steaphan Paton: Nullius in Verba
  • Isabel White

17 Aug 2019
9 Aug - 30 Aug 2019

“Nullius in verba”, a latin saying that roughly translates to “take no one's word for it”, acts as the title for both this STATION exhibition, and for one of the artworks it presents. Nullius in Verba II-XIII, created by Gunai and Monero Melbourne-based artist, Steaphan Paton, is one of two works in Paton's first STATION show. While this is Paton's first exhibition at the contemporary art gallery in South Yarra, the artist has previously displayed work across Melbourne, at some of Australia's major art institutions, including in ACCA's Sovereignty (2016) and The National Gallery of Victoria's Colony: Frontier Wars (2018).

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