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Min Wong, Miss Boobs, 2022 and Twin Flame, 2022. Soul Seeker, Cement Fondu, 2022. Photo: Jessica Maurer Photography.

Soul Seeker

1 Oct 2022
Cement Fondu 13 Aug - 2 Oct 2022

I purchased Katy B. Plummer’s experimental oracle deck from the pop-up Witch Shop Cement Fondu. The deck consists of forty-eight delicate cards designed for “intuitive reckoning of uncertain times”, inscribed with cryptic, poetic scraps of advice in narrow handwriting. Two cards I drew multiple times were ‘A Broken Arrow’ and ‘The Great Calm Evening’. I interpreted the first card as signifying being stuck at a crossroads, failing to bring something to fruition, tangled in the process of orienting and re-orienting. The second was more ambiguous. I sensed the spectre of rest lingering somewhere out of reach, a place to let weary bodies sleep. At the same time, the impending calm felt ominous, foreboding. A deep, dark stretch of nothing from twilight into night. I started to think about the exhaustion of conflicting options and red herrings, muddling through toxic structures towards the (perhaps unattainable) promise of liberation.  

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