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Installation view of Rosslynd Piggot, *Gardenia, Gardenia and Vapour Window*, 2019. Courtesy the artist and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne. Photo: Andrew Curtis

Rosslynd Piggott: Gardenia, gardenia and vapour window
  • Suyeon Park

17 Aug 2019
Sutton Gallery 2 Aug - 30 Aug 2019

Have you ever encountered a moment where you are eager for fresh air, a refreshing sight for your exhausted vision so that you can simply isolate yourself from complex reality? A solo exhibition by Rosslynd Piggott, Gardenia, gardenia and vapour window carefully observes the nature of flowers, reinterprets their presence through their colours as vaporized spaces and encapsulates their visual sublimity on a piece of canvas. Thus the paintings are not only hung up on a wall to be viewed—in order to understand Pigott's paintings to the full extent, I encourage you to engage your senses and intuitively feel the artworks rather than trying to understand them in a literary sense.

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