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Installation view: Maissa Alameddine, Act I: Burden, 2021–22, dual-channel video, colour, sound 4 min 32 sec, aspect ratio, 16:9. Photo: Document Photography.


14 May 2022
Pari 10 Apr - 22 May 2022

“Where are you growing your roots? Who are you intertwined with?” writes adrienne maree brown. I’m reminded of these questions when I visit Roots, a group exhibition currently showing at the artist-run initiative Pari in Parramatta (Dharug land). Organised by Pari co-directors Brenton Alexander Smith and Amy Toma, and former director Talitha Hanna, Roots brings together a suite of works by artists who “contemplate ritual and reclamation as a way of grounding oneself and connecting with lineage and identity”.

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