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Installation view of Simon Zoric, Root, hog, or die, 2022. Courtesy of LON Gallery.

Simon Zoric: Root, hog, or die / Lou Hubbard: 1976

20 Aug 2022
Simon Zoric: Root, hog, or die, Lon Gallery 27 Jul - 20 Aug 2022 Lou Hubbard: 1976, Savage Garden 16 Jul - 30 Jul 2022

When I first met artist Sanja Pahoki at an opening in 2011 she told me: “Making art is a lot like taking a shit. Occasionally you have to wipe a few times.” I’ve always wondered if Pahoki told her students at the VCA this. It seems she has. Simon Zoric, who studied art where Pahoki teaches, is currently holding his first commercial exhibition and it contains six fabricated cast-aluminium cat litter trays, shovels and cat faeces.

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