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Angela Goh, Gloss, 2021–ongoing, installation view, Primavera 2022: Young Australian Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2022, medium variable, image courtesy the artist and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, © the artist, photograph: Anna Kučera

Primavera 2022: Young Australian Artists

10 Dec 2022
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) 4 Nov - 12 Feb 2023

As you enter Primavera 2022, you may catch a work by the Wiradjuri poet and artist, Jazz Money. It’s a short sound piece that emanates from a speaker lodged in the ceiling near the entrance to the gallery. In it, Money recites a short poem that addresses the site of the exhibition, the meeting place of two bodies of water: Warang, the saltwater bay on whose shore the Museum of Contemporary Art stands, and the Tank Stream, the freshwater tributary that runs in a concrete pipe beneath the museum’s floors. It’s a typically spare and beautiful piece.

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