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GIF by Peter Tyndall of Australian author Gerald Murnane. All images depicted in this review (unless otherwise noted) are taken from Peter Tyndall's bLogos/HA HA, with permission from the artist.

Peter Tyndall
  • Victoria Perin

13 Jun 2020

Now that it seems to be ending, what has this period of enforced online exhibiting taught us? A distribution system that we took for granted (exhibition is installed in gallery, audience looks at work of art, exhibition is deinstalled, audience remembers or forgets exhibition) was stripped away overnight. What was left (unless you were fired) was an industry of arts workers without a program. Since then, workers have been busy digitising everything, but have we clicked? If we have clicked, out of interest or duty, we have looked, but what have we seen? What, if anything, have we remembered?

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