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Reko Rennie, OA_RR, 2016-17, video still, three-channel video, sound, edition of 3 + 2AP. Image courtesy the artist and STATION.

No Easy Answers, Build Your Home, What Remains, Reko Rennie OA_RR

29 Apr 2023
Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) 10 Mar - 16 Jul 2023

Mum’s the word on the streets of Albury. It’s quiet, but there’s a hum around the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA), which was renamed as such during its 2015 redevelopment, joining a growing collection of maternally-monikered art museums. Originally built as the city’s Town Hall in the Victorian era “wedding cake rococo” style, the bride then underwent a facelift to match her fellow yummy-mummies MoMA and MUMA. The result? Glass prisms, white walls and double-height atriums that entice a renewed influx of urbanite acolytes. 

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