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Siying Zhou, *Untitled* (from *To Master Your Mother Tongue*), 2019, LED signs, video, gold metallic curtain. Viewed from the street. Photo: Kimberley Sachs

Nessun Posto
  • Max Koetsier

17 Aug 2019
6 Aug - 23 Aug 2019

Nessun Posto creates a not quite cohered space, where irreconcilable contradictions prevent the stability of place from emerging. With four pieces that avoid the neutral surveyor's contextual indifference, Tamara Baillie, Camila Galaz, Karla Pringle and Siying Zhou present space as ungraspable: too immersed in fractured memories and dislocated histories for performed lucidity to become anything but a kind of violence. Instead, they use this opacity to share what cannot be said, what cannot become either personal or general enough for clarity. This gap in legibility becomes something intimate while also being resistant to its appropriation, a space that is shared without becoming transparent.

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