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Installation view of Nabilah Nordin, *Birdbrush and Other Essentials*, 2021, Heide Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Christo Crocker

Nabilah Nordin, Birdbrush and Other Essentials
  • Matt Marasco

13 Nov 2021
Heide Museum of Modern Art 3 Jul 2021 - 30 Jan 2022

Nabilah Nordin’s sculptures have philosophical weight. In Birdbrush and Other Essentials, located in the Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery at the Heide Museum of Modern Art, her sculptures take us on an epistemological adventure. The artist invites us to conjecture what these idiosyncratic objects are, and in doing so she challenges our sense of what it means to command knowledge of a thing. They are slimy and dry, coarse and refined, colourful and monochromatic and abstract and concrete. The animated peculiarity with which these pairings are expressed sparks my curiosity, but it is the final pair that I find particularly interesting.

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