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Jonathan Walker, Untitled, 1991 - 92 , oil on linen, 172 x 172 cm. Courtesy the artist’s estate. Photo: Garry Sommerfield

Jonathan Walker: Capturing Details Usually Screened

6 May 2023
Bayside Gallery 11 Mar - 7 May 2023

No one that I mentioned the Jonathan Walker retrospective to had heard of Jonathan Walker. Before visiting Capturing Details Usually Screened, neither had I. The only people who did know of Walker had either met him directly or knew people who had known him. Walker’s relative obscurity is heightened by the exhibition’s location—Bayside Gallery in Brighton. The setting is appropriate because Walker lived most of his life in neighbouring Hampton. Critically though, the distant location (I am writing here from the perspective of a lifelong Northern suburbs habitué) maintains Walker’s peripheral relationship  towards the Australian art world.

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