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John Nixon, Groups + Pairs 2016-2020, installation view, Anna Schwartz Gallery, photo: Amalia Lindo. Copyright John Nixon. Courtesy the artist & Anna Schwartz Gallery.

John Nixon, Groups + Pairs 2016-2020
  • Amelia Winata

16 May 2020
Anna Schwartz Gallery 21 Mar 2020

John Nixon: Groups + Pairs 2016–2020 opened only a couple of days prior to the government mandated COVID-19 lockdown. But unlike other current exhibitions, the online presence of Groups + Pairs is minimal. A standard collection of four installation shots is accompanied by a video Red + Blue, which was also produced for the exhibition. Admittedly, it is not difficult to imagine what a John Nixon exhibition might look like. For nearly five decades, the artist has been producing monochrome and readymade paintings en masse. Groups + Pairs is this, on speed. Consisting of over 100 works, the exhibition is densely packed with Nixon’s typically spare works.

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