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Recent Tendencies in Women's Painting installation shot, L-R: Hana Earles, *Bruce Earles*, 2020, oil on canvas; Hana Earles, *Jenny*, 2018, pencil, ink, paper, acrylic on canvas; Alethea Everard, *untitled*, 2019, acrylic on mdf, cd case. Courtesy of the artists and Guzzler, Melbourne.

A Case of the Old and New / Recent Tendencies in Women’s Painting, Melbourne (I) + (II)

7 Nov 2020
A Case of the Old and New, Recent Tendencies in Women’s Painting, Melbourne (I) + (II), Guzzler

There was a wonderful moment at the 2017 Gareth Sansom retrospective at NGV Australia when, during his floor talk, Sansom described the making of Sweeney Agonistes (2005), the work he painted in memory of his friend Sweeney Reed, who took his own life in 1979.

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