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John Citizen, Interior (Two Chairs), 2008, Acrylic on linen, 152 x 152cm

Gordon Bennett “This World Is Not My Home” and Mia Boe “Suspicion is proof enough”

22 Jul 2023
Gordon Bennett, This World Is Not My Home, Sutton Gallery 24 Jun - 22 Jul 2023 Mia Boe, Suspicion Is Proof Enough, Sutton Gallery 24 Jun - 22 Jul 2023

I’ve seen the shows twice now. The first time, a swarming opening—well deserved in my opinion. The second, on a quiet afternoon alone. The shifting tempos of Mia Boe and Gordon Bennett’s paintings hum against the white backdrop of the gallery walls and against each other as I move between the two small rooms of Sutton Gallery. Later I’ll hum the closing chorus to Albert E. Brumley’s “This World Is Not My Home,” the gospel song that shares its title with Gordon’s show. The song’s haunting sweetness sticks in my head:

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