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Edwin Tanner, not titled (Study for The Public Servant - office interior with milk bottles), c.1963, oil on canvas, 66.0 x 61.0 cm. Courtesy Charles Nodrum Gallery.

Edwin Tanner: A Selection of Paintings and Prints from the Estate

23 Sep 2023
Charles Nodrum Gallery 16 Sep - 7 Oct 2023

Edwin Tanner was the most insider of outsider artists. Which is to say that the art world immediately saw that he was more interesting than them—guided by more powerful passions—and they welcomed him into the fold, hoping to glean some vitality from his presence. Trained at evening classes in Hobart from the age of thirty and working as a full-time artist by the age of forty-five, Tanner was an outsider artist only in that, when other artists spoke about him, they found it necessary to refer to him as “an engineer.”

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