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Dobell’s Circle, Discovering Dobell

29 Jul 2017
Dobell’s Circle, Tarrawarra Museum of Art 27 May - 13 Aug 2017 Discovering Dobell, Tarrawarra Museum of Art 27 May - 13 Aug 2017

TarraWarra, clearly reaching for the best of both worlds, likes to market itself as 'privately funded, public art museum'. As a charitable not-for-profit company, the museum is sponsored by the Besen Family Foundation, while also receiving project-based public funding. Twinned to a vineyard, it balances out Melbourne's other favourite weekend getaway, John and Sunday Reed's publically-bequeathed Heide Museum of Modern Art. The three current exhibitions, Discovering Dobell, Dobell's Circle, and the additional Selected works from the TarraWarra Museum of Art Collection, draw heavily on artworks collected personally by the Besen family, and works collected since TarraWarra's founding in 2000.

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