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Installation view, Far From the Eye (Fingertip Glance #4), 2020-21, and Colour Bleeds and Light Folds (test strips 2013–2023), 2023. Courtesy Danica Chappell

Colour Bleeds and Light Folds

30 Sep 2023
Mejia 16 Sep - 21 Oct 2023

There are some that are in darkness, and others that are in light. On the reverse of Danica Chappell’s Far From The Eye (Fingertip Glance #4), there’s a secret, if you’re bold enough to circle around the hanging print and peek: more exquisite, stained-glass geometry lies there. Hovering prettily in space, the print stretches down from the ceiling, hanging almost to the floor; blocks of intense, heavily layered colour stack atop each other, centred on the glossy paper. Inside this serene white warehouse space, six works wrap around the walls, deep coloured and patchworked with motley variations.

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