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Installation view of the title is no longer relevant, Chunxiao Qu, 2021, Trocadero Art Space. Photo: Christo Crocker

Chunxiao Qu, the title is no longer relevant
  • David Wlazlo

20 Feb 2021
Trocadero Art Space 27 Jan - 20 Feb 2021

Chunxiao Qu’s recent exhibition at Trocadero in Footscray, titled the title is no longer relevant, contains seven editioned works in neon. Most of these feature static text: DO THINGS YOU CAN’T DO (2019) for example is a blue all-caps text stating the title, while KEEP YOUR INNOCENCE BY ALWAYS WONDERING WTF ??? (2020) continues likewise in pink. Some of the neons include variations in colour, such as EVERYONE IS EVERYONE ELSE (2019), still others use relay switches rotating through a set of changes and additions. These electrical sequences cycle through the options in LONELY OR HORNY (2020) as well as McDonald’s Work (2019), the latter being the only work in the show to contain an image.

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