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Installation view of Christopher L G Hill, Meaningless is more, 2020, Conners Conners.

Christopher L G Hill: Meaningless is more
  • Giles Fielke

29 Aug 2020
Conners Conners 6 Aug - 5 Sep 2020

186 posts on the Instagram account christopherlghill are one part of Christopher LG Hill’s current exhibition, Meaningless is more. This online stream has been doing a lot of heavy lifting as the work depicted in the larger gallery at Conners Conners is physically inaccessible to visitors because of the COVID-19 restrictions. I have not “seen” the show. Distance is collapsed, of course, by documentation. I get the sense, however, that this is not the point of the exercise. There can be no documentation of work that solicits its documentation to instantiate itself as art. Here it is both documentation and not, art and not art.

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