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Victoria Todorov, Room 318 (I am wealthy in terms of my vision), 2021, oil on canvas, 129 × 185 × 3.5 cm. Courtesy of Discordia.

  • Cameron Hurst

8 Aug 2021
Discordia, Neon Parc, Jacob Hoerner 4 Aug - 29 Aug 2021

At the start of the trailer for Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage, the new HBO documentary about the calamitous festival, a talking head sets an ominous scene. “There is a sixth sense that you develop when you spend your life going to venues. I can tell you from a hundred feet away what the energy in that venue is going to be like”. Things were a little off at Woodstock that year. Mass dehydration abounded. Portaloos overflowed, and the festival infrastructure was incinerated in Limp Bizkit-soundtracked bonfires. Organisers lost control of the rabid crowds; there were casualties. The event was later nicknamed “The Day the 90s Died”.

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