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Bri Hammond, *Verde E Bianco*, 2019. Courtesy the artist.

Bri Hammond: Nuoto Da Sola (I Swim Alone)
  • Julia Onufreichuk

17 Aug 2019
Brunswick Street Gallery 14 Aug - 27 Aug 2019

Within the quaint gallery space of Brunswick Street Gallery you will find the current photographic exhibition Nuoto Da Sola (I swim alone) by Bri Hammond. This is Hammond's debut show and it is definitely a step away from her usual commercial and editorial work. With a background in graphic design, Hammond is predominately a lifestyle photographer. She has certainly established herself in the editorial scene, with her work being featured in publications such as Frankie, Smith Journal and SPACES amongst others. Nuoto Da Sole offers an intriguing look into Hammond's solo travels to Italy. The discomfort of being alone is highlighted by an eerie emptiness, yet at the same time it is juxtaposed with a calm beauty.

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