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Barbara Campbell, Soft Part Colours, Eastern Curlew Bill series, 2015, watercolour on Canson paper on wooden stretcher frame; Numenius Madagascariensis (Linnaeus 1766) Curlew Colour Skin, 2022, specimen collected New South Wales, Australia c. 1870 [Macleay Collections: NHB.4591], the University of Sydney. Detail of works in Barbara Campbell—ex avibus, 2022, Geelong Gallery, © Barbara Campbell. Photographer: Andrew Curtis

Barbara Campbell—ex avibus

26 Mar 2022
Geelong Gallery 5 Mar - 19 Jun 2022

Barbara Campbell wants us to follow the birds. Her current show at the Geelong Gallery, ex avibus, retraces the global migratory patterns of wading shorebirds—a new instalment in her longstanding commitment to reconceptualise the (im)possibilities of artistic expression. In this exhibition, these possibilities are doubly explored through an emphasis on the agency of the gallery visitor who, admitted into Campbell’s constructed ebb and flow of a natural homing route, experiences the shorebird’s journey as they walk through the gallery.

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