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Installation view of Thebus and Corkran, Drippy Rock, 2019, TCB Art Inc., Melbourne. Photograph: Jordan Halsall

Athena Thebus and Chloe Corkran: Drippy Rock
  • Camille Orel

16 Aug 2019
TCB art inc. 1 Aug - 18 Aug 2019

Drippy Rock is a title that could take on both literal and figurative meaning. Is it a phrase to describe thousand year-old stalactites weeping from the ceiling of a limestone cave, symbolising the passing of time? Or is it mere word play to draw our attention to themes of contradiction and binaries? Regardless of the intended meaning of the title, Athena Thebus and Chloe Corkran's exhibition encourages complex and nonlinear reflection on our experiences of time and dualism.

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