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Installation view of Erwin Fabian and Anne-Marie May, *Inside Out: Space and Process*, 2020, Courtesy McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery. Photo: Christian Capurro

Anne-Marie May and Erwin Fabian, Inside Out: Space and Process
  • Giles Fielke

5 Dec 2020
2 Dec 2020 - 3 Jan 2021

A state-surveyor’s accidental discovery of a gleaming silver, triangular column from a helicopter, carefully installed in a remote canyon-bed in Utah, yet apparently untouched by human hands, has sent waves of anticipation across social media networks and soft-news segments for the past few weeks. Unless it was made by aliens (or John McCracken), minimalist sculpture doesn’t often make nightly news anymore. Since its discovery, internet forum taskmasters have successfully located and facilitated the convergence of daytripper explorers to the remote site and the work has now been removed.

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