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Tia Ansell, Roche, Brooks, Marine, all 2021. Acrylic on cotton and wool handmade weaving in custom aluminium frame, 33 × 22 × 6 cm each. LON Gallery, Melbourne. Image courtesy of LON Gallery.

Amelia Winata at Spring1883
  • Amelia Winata

8 Aug 2021
Sarah Scout Presents

On Wednesday morning, I begrudgingly took two trams (one of which, the 57, is dubbed Melbourne’s most dangerous) to Bridge Road, Richmond, where I began my slapdash tour of the Spring1883 “satellite” exhibitions. My first destination was LON, the quiet success story of Melbourne’s commercial-gallery community. Run by fresh-faced, professional-BMX-rider-slash-artist-turned-gallerist Adam Stone, LON has recently relocated from Collingwood (LON’s old Easey Street site is now occupied by FUTURES) to this slickly renovated space. An adorable set-up of Pellegrino and champagne greeted VIP guests upon arrival. Stone’s mother Meredith acted as host, offering up cute banter while Adam quickly ate down a snack. Despite it being only midday, ArtOpenings@Melbourne founder and consummate art enthusiast Charles Lai gleefully popped a bottle—this was Spring’s Wall Street Stock Exchange bell.

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