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Nathan Beard, A Puzzlement, installation view, 2023, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art; photo: Kai Wasikowski. Commissioned by Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. Courtesy the artist and sweet pea, Perth.

A Puzzlement

23 Sep 2023
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art 2 Sep - 15 Oct 2023

For those yet to pay A Puzzlement a visit, consider going in the evening. Against the quieter, dark tones of a warm Thursday night in Haymarket, Nathan Beard’s transformation of the first floor of Sydney’s 4A Centre for Contemporary Art glows: the dramatic effects of the show’s lighting design recall the austerity of a museum hang, and the walls pulse in a sumptuous red—British Paint’s “Indian Red,” to be exact. This detail is important, as we will come to realise.

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