Kate Loncar
Yusi Zang + Andre Franco: Altered Routine<br>Jacquie Owers-Gayst: { ~~~~~~~~~ }

Yusi Zang and Andre Franco: Altered Routine

Jacquie Owers-Gayst: { ~~~~~ }

7 – 24 August 2019

Kate Loncar

Ascending the seven flights of stairs to Blindside gallery in the historic Nicholas building primes gallery viewers for a shock when they finally step into Andre Franco and Yusi Zang's stark white minimalist installation. Upon entering the space, gallery-goers are met with the chemical smell of freshly painted pristine white walls. In fact, the scene is so off putting I...

Amelia Winata
Kieran Butler and collaborators: Rainbow Bois and Magical Gurls

Kieran Butler and collaborators, Rainbow Bois and Magical Gurls

Blindside, 24 Jan – 10 Feb 2018

By Amelia Winata

A few years ago there was a quasi-theoretical attempt at naming a new cultural epoch to be called “metamodernism.” The term was coined by Dutch philosophers Robin van den Akker and Timotheus Vermeulen who, in a video produced by Frieze, oozed effortless Scandinavian cool (search YouTube: “what is metamodernism”). Metamodernism, they explained, is a way of labelling a cultural m...