Rex Butler
The Hand of Art

Tracey Moffatt: Body Remembers

Thought Patterns: Selected Works from the Collection

Curated by Anthony Fitzpatrick.
Tarrawarra Museum of Art
23 March – 19 May

By Rex Butler

The shadows are the first thing you notice. They're uncanny, haunting, impossible, technological.

Take Spirit House (2017), which has the one remaining wall of an abandoned limestone building—we are tempted to call it a mission church—casting its shadow under a cumulus-cloudy sky. It's an impossible shadow bec...

Victoria Perin
Discovering Dobell | Dobell’s Circle

Discovering Dobell | Dobell's Circle

TarraWarra Museum of Art, 311 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road, Healesville, 27 May – 13 August 2017

By Victoria Perin

TarraWarra, clearly reaching for the best of both worlds, likes to market itself as 'privately funded, public art museum'. As a charitable not-for-profit company, the museum is sponsored by the Besen Family Foundation, while also receiving project-based public funding. Twinned to a vineyard, it balances out Melbourne's other favourite week...

Rex Butler
Louise Hearman

Paints like a dream

Louise Hearman

Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Healesville, 18 February – 14 May 2017. Curated by Anna Davis.

By Rex Butler

Louise Hearman complains about the way that in every review of her work she is compared to her partner Bill Henson, while in reviews of Henson’s work she is rarely, if ever, mentioned.

Of course, she is absolutely right: the male Henson is held up as the standard against which she is measured, whereas the female Hearman does not reciprocally set the...

Helen Hughes
The Sculpture of Bronwyn Oliver

The Sculpture of Bronwyn Oliver

TarraWarra Museum of Art 19 November 2016 – 5 February 2017 Curated by Julie Ewington

By Helen Hughes

The Sculpture of Bronwyn Oliver is the first major survey of the work of Australian artist Bronwyn Oliver (1959–2006). Though her career was cut short by her premature death at age forty-seven, the body of work presented within this exhibition has a pulse—writhing with movement and flickering with energy.

Oliver, a Sydney-based artist who undertook severa...