Shelley McSpedden
Auto Body Works

Auto Body Works

Arts Project Australia, 16 June – 21 July 2018, guest curated by Patrice Sharkey, Director of West Space

By Shelley McSpedden

I recently made a rather modest foray into the world of body augmentation. After ninety minutes of being subjected to intense buffering, sharp prods and eye-watering fumes, I emerged transformed; a once recalcitrant nail-biter revamped into someone just presentable enough for inclusion in my sister's bridal party. This alarmingly visceral experience...

Amelia Winata
Spencer Lai: Contaminant, Figures

Grotesque Mostest

Spencer Lai, Contaminant, Figures

Fort Delta, 6 – 29 July 2017

Spencer Lai's work is part of a contemporary exploration of the grotesque that taps into the destabilising qualities of late capitalism and considers its effect upon issues of identity, including gender and sexuality. This current was picked up on by Jonathan Griffin in his 2012 essay Rudely transgressing the boundaries between the elevated and the profane, published in Tate Etc. In it, Griffin notes that w...