Shelley McSpedden
Auto Body Works

Auto Body Works

Arts Project Australia, 16 June – 21 July 2018, guest curated by Patrice Sharkey, Director of West Space

By Shelley McSpedden

I recently made a rather modest foray into the world of body augmentation. After ninety minutes of being subjected to intense buffering, sharp prods and eye-watering fumes, I emerged transformed; a once recalcitrant nail-biter revamped into someone just presentable enough for inclusion in my sister's bridal party. This alarmingly visceral experience...

Anna Parlane
Jason Phu: My Parents Met at the Fish Market

Jason Phu, My Parents Met at the Fish Market

Westspace, 27 October – 9 December 2017

By Anna Parlane

Jason Phu’s My Parents Met at the Fish Market is the latest in Westspace’s series of solo commissions, in which all four galleries are given over to one artist. While he is younger and less experienced than previously commissioned artists, Phu is clearly up to the task of filling the space. His irrepressible style is immediately manifested in the fact that to enter the exhibition’s secon...