• Carny
    Neon Parc
    by Audrey Schmidt
    Christian Marclay: The Clock
    Australian Centre for the Moving Image
    by Rex Butler
    Marlene Gilson
    Art Gallery of Ballarat
    by Anna Parlane
    Thanks for reading in 2018
    by Memo Review
    Sweeney Reed and Strines Gallery
    Heide Museum of Modern Art
    by Victoria Perin
    Katie West: warna (ground)
    by Paris Lettau
    Aesthetics, Politics and Histories: The Social Context of Art
    AAANZ Conference 2018 - RMIT University
    by Audrey Schmidt
    Does the art exhibition have a future?
    AAANZ Conference 2018 - RMIT University
    by The Editors
    Mira Gojak and Takehito Koganezawa: The Garden of Forking Paths
    Buxton Contemporary
    by Rex Butler
    Clement Meadmore: The art of mid-century design
    Ian Potter Museum of Art
    by Jane Eckett

    The End.