• Karrabing Film Collective: The Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland
    KINGS Artist Run
    by Giles Fielke
    McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery
    by Aneta Trajkoski
    MADA Gallery
    by Philip Brophy
    On Vulnerability and Doubt
    Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
    by Ella Cattach
    George Egerton-Warburton, also known as ,
    Heide Museum of Modern Art
    by Helen O'Toole
    I will never run out of lies nor love
    Bus Projects
    by Victoria Perin, Brendan Casey
    Arts Project Australia
    by Anna Parlane
    Josef Stanislaw Ostoja-Kotkowski: Solid Light
    McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery
    by Jane Eckett
    Prima Materia
    Bundoora Homestead
    by Elyssia Bugg
    Angelica Mesiti: ASSEMBLY
    Venice Biennale
    by Amelia Winata

    The End.