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  • A Case of the Old and New / Recent Tendencies in Women’s Painting, Melbourne (I) + (II)
    STATION, Guzzler
    by Rex Butler
    Machine Listening, a curriculum
    Liquid Architecture, Unsound Festival
    by Benison Kilby
    Bodies of Work
    Bus Projects
    by Cameron Hurst
    Isabella Darcy: Luxury & Labour
    Disneyland Paris
    by Amelia Winata
    The Waiting Room
    VCA Artspace
    by David Wlazlo
    Bus Projects, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, BLINDSIDE
    by Sarinah Masukor
    Alex Hobba, A Gun Went Off in Human Resources / Alex Cuffe, Love is the Length of Her Hair
    TCB art Inc.
    by Chelsea Hopper
    Bessie Davidson & Sally Smart – Two artists and the Parisian avant-garde
    Bendigo Art Gallery
    by Jane Eckett
    Meagan Streader: A Window is a Square Horizon
    MARS Gallery
    by Tara Heffernan
    The Sun also Sets
    Tolarno Galleries
    by Luke Smythe

    The End.