Aneta Trajkoski


McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery
29 July – 10 November 2019

By Aneta Trajkoski

The 'serial,' or series, adopts numerous contemporary forms: from binge-worthy television series, countless iterations of Podcasts, ever-expanding adaptations of franchise cinema, to the systematic tendencies that were examined in the recent exhibition A New Order at Buxton Contemporary. Do the conditions of a fast-moving and increasingly chaotic world urge us to seek reprieve, order and famili...

Philip Brophy


MADA Gallery, Monash University
25 July – 24 August 2019

By Philip Brophy

The exhibition ...(illegible)... offers a fascinating exquisite corpse for conceptual consideration: the sliced intersection between 'queer' and 'abstraction'. Their categorical differences within art channels are manifold: where queer is performative, salacious, interruptive and disingenuine, abstraction is constructural, metaphysical, holistic and earnest. That they are assumed to never categor...

Isabel White
Steaphan Paton: Nullius in Verba

Steaphan Paton: Nullius in Verba

10 – 31 August 2019

By Isabel White

"Nullius in verba", a latin saying that roughly translates to "take no one's word for it", acts as the title for both this STATION exhibition, and for one of the artworks it presents. Nullius in Verba II-XIII, created by Gunai and Monero Melbourne-based artist, Steaphan Paton, is one of two works in Paton's first STATION show. While this is Paton's first exhibition at the contemporary art gallery in South Yarr...

Max Koetsier
Nessun Posto

Nessun Posto

Trocadero Art Space
Curated by Andreé Ruggeri
7 – 24 August 2019

By Max Koetsier

Nessun Posto creates a not quite cohered space, where irreconcilable contradictions prevent the stability of place from emerging. With four pieces that avoid the neutral surveyor's contextual indifference, Tamara Baillie, Camila Galaz, Karla Pringle and Siying Zhou present space as ungraspable: too immersed in fractured memories and dislocated histories for performed lucidity to become anything...

Pascalle Bailey
John Young: Silent Transformations

John Young: Silent Transformations

ARC ONE Gallery
31 July – 31 August 2019

By Pascalle Bailey

This month a careful selection of works by artist John Young is on show in the intimate ARC ONE. Young was born in Hong Kong but is an artist frequently exhibited both locally and internationally. Young's abstract paintings appear organic and wholesome, like dappled light and blurry photographs. They are in fact the result of Young's meticulous digital reconstruction  of images translated onto...

Yi Fu
Andrée van Schaik: Paintings

Andrée van Schaik: Paintings

Neon Parc City
7  – 31 August 2019

By Yi Fu

The complexity and variation of time and improvisation are obsessions that dominate Andrée van Schaik's artistic practice, which ranges from music, poetry to visual arts. Van Schaik's solo show at Neon Parc City exhibits experiments with both photographic images and oil painting. Without an obvious theme, the show suggests the spontaneity of production in each artwork.

Fully embracing a personal lens, the artist se...

Camille Orel
Athena Thebus and Chloe Corkran: Drippy Rock

Athena Thebus and Chloe Corkran: Drippy Rock

TCB Art Inc.
1 – 18 August 2019

By Camille Orel

Drippy Rock is a title that could take on both literal and figurative meaning. Is it a phrase to describe thousand year-old stalactites weeping from the ceiling of a limestone cave, symbolising the passing of time? Or is it mere word play to draw our attention to themes of contradiction and binaries? Regardless of the intended meaning of the title, Athena Thebus and Chloe Corkran's exhibition en...

Kate Loncar
Yusi Zang + Andre Franco: Altered Routine<br>Jacquie Owers-Gayst: { ~~~~~~~~~ }

Yusi Zang and Andre Franco: Altered Routine

Jacquie Owers-Gayst: { ~~~~~ }

7 – 24 August 2019

Kate Loncar

Ascending the seven flights of stairs to Blindside gallery in the historic Nicholas building primes gallery viewers for a shock when they finally step into Andre Franco and Yusi Zang's stark white minimalist installation. Upon entering the space, gallery-goers are met with the chemical smell of freshly painted pristine white walls. In fact, the scene is so off putting I...