Ella Cattach
Emma Phillips: Too Much to Dream

Emma Phillips: Too Much to Dream

13 March – 27 April 2019

By Ella Cattach

There are three Dianes—two portrait subjects, one spectre—in Emma Phillips' current exhibition of large-scale, predominantly black-and-white photographs which takes its title, Too much to dream, from a song by The Electric Prunes.

The first Diane, of Untitled (Diane washing dishes at her father's house) and the unfocussed, tightly cropped colour triptych Untitled (Diane on her bed, smiling), both...

Paris Lettau
The Museological Consciousness

Lyon Housemuseum Galleries

217-219 Cotham Road, Kew


7 David Street, Carlton

By Paris Lettau

In recent years, a new subculture has surfaced in Australian art. It lacks any aspiration to be recognised by mainstream public art institutions and has formed a self-conscious avant-garde with "arm's-length" distance (sometimes literally) from major museums like Tony Ellwood's National Gallery of Victoria. The latest expression of this subculture is the freshly minted $15.8 million Lyon Ho...

Memo Review
Memo Review 01.
Memo Review 01.

We are happy to let you know that Memo Review 01. is now available for purchase online and in person at the following locations:

Perimeter Books 
748 High Street, Thornbury
TUES - SAT 11-6 PM

World Food Books
The Nicholas Building
Studio 19, Level 3
37 Swanston Street
FRI 11-6 PM
SAT 12-4 PM

Monash University Museum of Art
Ground Floor, Building F
Monash University
Caulfield Campus
900 Dandenong Road
Giles Fielke
Tudors to Windsors

Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits

Bendigo Art Gallery 16 March – 14 July 2019

By Giles Fielke

I often return to an odd little sentence in Robert Walser's microscripts, a thought captured that he then jotted down on a scrap of paper sometime before 1956: 'The failure to prize the chance to spend time in a cosmopolitan city highly enough to refrain from giving it up in favour of an upstart one-horse town.' Cosmopolitanism, seen today, is increasingly a crowded nightmare pre-occupie...

Sophie Knezic
Atlanta Eke: The Tennis Piece

Atlanta Eke: The Tennis Piece

Gertrude Contemporary

8 February – 23 March 2019

By Sophie Knezic

'Oh my country! We will no longer have to go searching through the history of ancient peoples for worthy subjects on which to practise our brushwork...No, no people's history offers me anything so great, so sublime as the Tennis Court Oath, which I am to paint.' So opined the 18th century painter and revolutionary Jacques-Louis David, after securing the commission from the Société des Amis de...

Victoria Perin
Papermade | John Nixon: Screenprints, Woodblocks & Unique Relief Prints


Australian Galleries, 28 & 35 Derby Street, Collingwood26 February 2019 — 17 March 2019

John Nixon: Screenprints, Woodblocks & Unique Relief Prints

Negative Press, Factory 8/102 Henkel Street, Brunswick16 February – 9 March 2019

By Victoria Perin

Exhibitions are usually talkative. They start off with the artist's or curator's statements and then usually just chat away with their personalised terminology and their free-associations. I intended to review the Australian Gallerie...

Francis Plagne
Visions of Paradise

Visions of Paradise: Indian Court Paintings

National Gallery of Victoria, Southbank

7 Dec 2018 – 29 Apr 2019

By Francis Plagne

Visions of Paradise is an unexpected delight. Bringing together nearly 200 works on paper from the NGV's 1980 Felton Bequest acquisitions of Indian painting, the exhibition offers up a feast of fine details, lavish lifestyles and sizzling colours. Even for the historically uninformed viewer like me, the offerings are an irresistible invitation to rekindle the jo...

Amelia Winata
Daniel von Sturmer

Daniel von Sturmer


2 February – 23 March 2019

Electric Light (facts/ figures/anna schwartz gallery upstairs)

2 February – 2 March 2019

Anna Schwartz Gallery

By Amelia Winata

The two current exhibitions from Melbourne-based Daniel von Sturmer at Anna Schwartz Gallery are billed as discrete offerings, a fact underscored by the exhibitions' separate closing dates. CATARACT, on the gallery's ground floor, is a video work comprised of 81 small television screens that have b...