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  • Fertile Ground
    Centre for Contemporary Photography
    by Miriam La Rosa
    Camille Henrot: Is Today Tomorrow
    National Gallery of Victoria
    by Tara Heffernan
    Elizabeth Newman
    Neon Parc Brunswick
    by Cameron Hurst, Babs Rapeport
    Passages of Light, Interview with Hilary Jackman and George Criddle
    Stockroom Kyneton
    by Anna Parlane
    Victoria Todorov, The Bipolarity of Output (AUX)
    by Amelia Winata
    Goya: Drawings from the Prado Museum
    National Gallery of Victoria
    by Diego Ramírez
    A Biography of Daphne
    Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
    by Paris Lettau
    by The Editors
    Refik Anadol, Quantum Memories
    National Gallery of Victoria
    by Philip Brophy
    We get in touch with things at the point they break down // Even in the absence of spectators and audiences, dust circulates
    West Space
    by Tara Heffernan

    The End.