Francis Plagne
Smallness: Trevelyan Clay & Kate Smith


Trevelyan Clay, Moments Today

Neon Parc, 31 August – 7 October 2017

Kate Smith, An Impression of an impression

Sutton Gallery, 8 September – 7 October 2017

By Francis Plagne

I confess to being a sucker for bad painting. Not, that is, for all painting that fails in whatever way to be good, but for the particular style of offhand, deliberately underwhelming sub-expressionist painting most closely associated with a number of artists from Cologne who rose to prominence in the...

Audrey Schmidt
People Soup

People Soup

Suicidal Oil Piglet, 1–9 Moreland Rd Coburg, Melbourne, 25 August – 16 September 2017

By Audrey Schmidt

Suicidal Oil Piglet, an unusual gallery name for which there is no given explanation, opened earlier this year in Coburg, Melbourne, by co-founders and artists Calum Lockey and Zac Segbedzi. Prior to SOP’s opening, the duo ran the website Melbourne Offsite Index with Hana Earles from 2015-6; documenting offsite shows staged in environments ranging from parked cars to empty...

Anna Parlane
Forever Transformed

Forever Transformed

Gertrude Contemporary, 21 High St Preston, 28 July – 9 September 2017

By Anna Parlane

The recent relocation of Gertrude Contemporary from its long-term home in Fitzroy is both cause and effect of Melbourne’s ongoing gentrification. Having occupied 200 Gertrude Street for over three decades, the gallery’s move was forced by the rising costs of remaining in this increasingly “desirable” neighbourhood—a desirability, it is worth noting, that was in part stimulated by the p...

Jane Eckett
Sidney Nolan and Elwyn Lynn, A Joint Centenary

Unexpected Correspondence

Sidney Nolan and Elwyn Lynn, A Joint Centenary

Charles Nodrum Gallery, 17 August - 02 September, 2017

By Jane Eckett

A shared centenary, mutual admiration and a friendship spanning the final quarter-century of their lives are the ostensible justifications for the present joint exhibition of Sidney Nolan and Elwyn Lynn at Charles Nodrum Gallery, Richmond. Their friendship also extends to provenance. Fifteen years ago Nodrum showed a suite of over two-dozen drawin...

David Wlazlo
Future Eaters

Future Eaters

Monash University Museum of Art, 22 July – 23 September 2017

By David Wlazlo

Asking the viewer to consider sculptural responses to our technological present, Future Eaters presents a series of works that are diverse, divergent, and in many ways reductive of the ways technology is involved in our lives. Technology here—like sculpture—is equated with hardware. Of course this is a ‘common sense’ understanding of the technological, but as a premise for a show it sits uneasily w...

Beth Kearney
Fictitious Realities

Fictitious Realities

Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre, 1 July - 3 September 2017

By Beth Kearney

Fictitious Realities, the group exhibition of nine artists - Daniel Agdag, Tom Arthur, Simon Finn, Aki Inomata, Richard Giblett, Sam Jinks, Colin Suggett, Cyrus Tang, and Liu Zhuoquan – is on show at 'the Gallery at BACC' (its slightly abbreviated moniker) until 3 September. Nestled within the unsuspecting affluence of the City of Bayside, the Gallery at Bayside Arts and Culture Centre plays h...

Rex Butler
Brave New World: Australia 1930s | Call of the Avant-Garde: Constructivism and Australian Art

The Art Exhibition vs Art

Brave New World: Australia 1930s

Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, until 15 October 2017

Call of the Avant-Garde: Constructivism and Australian Art

Heide Museum of Modern Art, until 8 October 2017

By Rex Butler

Brave New World: Australia 1930s and Call of the Avant-Garde: Constructivism and Australian Art are both important new museum shows. They involve a serious investment of institutional resources. They demand great curatorial expertise. They make a n...

Victoria Perin
Discovering Dobell | Dobell’s Circle

Discovering Dobell | Dobell's Circle

TarraWarra Museum of Art, 311 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road, Healesville, 27 May – 13 August 2017

By Victoria Perin

TarraWarra, clearly reaching for the best of both worlds, likes to market itself as 'privately funded, public art museum'. As a charitable not-for-profit company, the museum is sponsored by the Besen Family Foundation, while also receiving project-based public funding. Twinned to a vineyard, it balances out Melbourne's other favourite week...