Rex Butler
‘Suzanne Archer: Over-looked’ by Rex Butler

Suzanne Archer, 'Coalesce', 1993, oil on canvas, 173 x 305cm (photography: Effy Alexakis)

‘Suzanne Archer: Over-looked’

by Rex Butler

Suzanne Archer, Moving Forwards, Looking Back: A Survey 1969–2016, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, 155 Langridge Street, Collingwood, 17 December 2016 – 29 January 2017.

When the well-known painter Gareth Sansom opened Suzanne Archer’s show at the Nicholas Thompson Gallery in December, he made the rather large claim that two of the paintings—Coalesce (199...

Memo Review
Statement from Memo Review

In 2016, The Age ended its weekly art review column, which it had been publishing for well over a century. For the first time, the public space occupied by the local art review has effectively been vacated in Melbourne. The art review is an important forum where meaningful dialogue and exchange can take place between artists, gallerists, critics, collectors and the public. Without a regular review, the art world lacks a meeting place where common ground can be found, be it to settle scores or...