Kate Warren
Andrea Grützner, 'Tanztee and Erbgericht' at  Centre for Contemporary Photography, by Kate Warren

Andrea Grützner, Untitled 5, 2014. Courtesy the artist and Julie Saul Gallery, New York; Robert Morat Gallery, Berlin.

Andrea Grützner, Tanztee and Erbgericht at Centre for Contemporary Photography, 9 June – 23 July 2017

Writing in Artforum in 2004, Abigail Solomon-Godeau described the 'miniature guillotine' of the camera's shutter. The camera slices a moment in time from the world, removing it from its original context, but also potentially relaunching it as a new, transformed event. In...

Giles Fielke
Retrospective Hypothesis:  'On Campus', curated by Raimundas Malašauskas at Monash University, by Giles Fielke

On Campus at Monash University, February 14 – 15, 2017

Retrospective Hypothesis: On Campus curated by Raimundas Malašauskas, at Monash University, February 14 – 15, 2017

'It is said that the voice rips open reality'. This is apparently the only utterance I had thought worthwhile writing down into the blank, A5-sized notebook I had been supplied with at the beginning of On Campus. I cannot recall who suggested this maxim in the course of the two-day program that took place at Monash Univ...

David Wlazlo
'Restless' at VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery by David Wlazlo

Gordon Bennett, A Black History, 1993 (recreated 2017), photo: D.Wlazlo.

Restless, 19 May – 10 June, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA, 40 Dodds Street
 Southbank VIC 3006.

This week marks fifty years since the 1967 referendum and last week at Uluru a meeting of Indigenous leaders met to discuss a united strategy on constitutional recognition. Fifty years is a long time in anyone’s book, and with little material progress toward reconciliation, recognition, and ‘bridging the gap’, there...

Anna Parlane
‘Sky Country: Our Connection to the Cosmos’ at Blak Dot Gallery, by Anna Parlane

Hayley Millar-Baker (Gunditjmara), Dark 1, Dark 5, Dark 2 and Country at Night (installation view), courtesy the artist, Image: Steven Rhall

Sky Country: Our Connection to the Cosmos, Blak Dot Gallery, 33 Saxon St Brunswick, 11-28 May 2017

It's not often acknowledged just how much visual art comes to life through words, conversation, storytelling. Or, at least, it's not often explicitly acknowledged. It's implicitly acknowledged constantly: every time an art gallery stages an art...